- Propagating Eden

Cyanotype negative by Anna Atkins, the first woman to publish a book of scientific illustration using the cyanotype process.

I finally left the city. My friend L.K. had invited me to join her to the exhibition “Propagating Eden” at Wave Hill where the calm mystical work of Dan Peyton was showcased among books and prints from the mid-18th century to the present. A unique interpretation of Eden with Uses and Techniques of Nature Printing in Botany and Art which was originated by the International Print Center New York (IPCNY).
Cyanotype solargram by Dan Peyton
April 11, 2010
Wave Hill Gardens

Upon the arrival at the Gardens
Garia and Maria started dancing becoming one with the nature showing the nakedness of their heart.

Even Eidothea made her appearance.

She quietly left them all at the Glyndor House & Gallery and allowed the young Nymph who was with her first to bathe her at the waters of the Aquatic Garden, then rub her with oils. When she came goddess like from the bathing place to write under the pergola the young girl held fine clothes and a cloak to put around her.

The young Nymph asked: Who are you writing for?

To that the beautifully pale Eidothea retorted:
I am writing for the Boy & his lost Eden .

Wave Hill, April 2010

With the seasoning
of the new white wrinkle in the air
It was so difficult to distinguish
the luminosity of your smile
among the fallen leaves within my hair -

Hills Among Us
Hills of anger
Hills of need
Hills of last
Of sorrow
Of cemented Ego
and Of cheat
Hills of history unspoken
Hills of secret codes unbroken
Hills of Waves
Hills of Water running through my wide open hips
Hills of Paths crossing from our rose–lipped rainy kiss

With the welcoming
Of the new propagating Eden
Its so easy to rediscover
The sounds of your harmonica's whistle
among the love making of the bees -

Hills among us my sweetness
my dandelion boy
But the Hills today
Are blossomed
And the four rivers
Are unruffled
Pishon has fallen to a sleep dreaming of Aphrodite
Gihon is on his way to Pylos for Lord Nestor
a new prophecy for us will soon reveal
Tigris is misled in a friendly fight with Apollo
And Euphrates has been swept away by Grey Eyed Athena's strength -

My Dear Boy
You will get your Eden back at last
Its here waiting for you
Sing the rhythms of her wind blowing leaves
Your Locus Amoneus with her
Has been breathing in your hearts
And once you arrive to meet her
the storm will be a past ---

- Eidothea
April 11, 2010
Wave Hill Gardens

Wave Hill, April 2010

For more information on the exhibition and Wave Hill please visit : www.wavehill.org


  1. I was very touched by this poem. Thank you.

  2. So happy you were touched by it. Welcome on Finding Eidothea. Thank you,

  3. This is quite exciting. Wave Hill is a magical place. I stop by from time to time.